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A spike in ransomware attacks cutting across vital American & global sectors — including summertime mainstays gasoline, meat, and vacations — have prompted new urgency inside the administration to formulate a way to respond. The attacks have laid bare for the administration and senior officials the vulnerabilities that exist in private-sector networks to attacks from criminal syndicates based in certain eastern European countries. They have also exposed the limits of the federal government’s ability to prevent major disruptions to American life, at least based on current laws and resistance from some private firms to federal interference.

Such attacks are being recorded by our honeypot networks globally. The attacks on critical infrastructure and enterprises are rising and most of these involve sophisticated actors and tools. Such breaches are leading to loss of data, disruption of operations, a threat to employee’s safety, modification of metering data and infrastructure, loss of revenue, and loss of credibility.

You need a mature cybersecurity partner to prevent such outcomes.

Improving your cybersecurity posture:

Subex Secure can help you with this objective. Our offerings include an IoT and OT cybersecurity solution, Threat Intelligence service, and Security Operations Center service. Together these offerings can secure your assets, data, and infrastructure and enhance your security posture to deter hackers and minimize cyber risks.

  • Agentless solution backed by the largest IoT/OT specific Honeypot networks
  • Protection powered by vertical-focused threat libraries
  • Discovers and identifies every device within the range of a distributed network with attack surfaces uncovered.
  • Conducts DPI and Payload analysis with signature-based detection and Heuristics to provide contextual pattern-based analysis
  • Continuously analyzes device behaviour for suspicious activity with supervised and unsupervised learning techniques.
  • When appropriate, take automated, customized action against malicious behaviour
  • Maintain network access control, gain real-time visibility.

To learn more and to see how our offerings can help you address such cyberattacks, Contact us.

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