Recommendations for improving critical infrastructure security

As cyberattacks on critical infrastructure continue to rise it is important for operators connected with managing such infrastructure to adopt measures to improve the overall cybersecurity posture and plug gaps.

Presented below are some of the interventions that Sectrio recommends. (We are referencing NIST OT/ICS and Singapore Cybersecurity Act, IEC 62443 for this exercise).

  • Segregate devices and networks: Segregate OT/ IoT and IT networks from each other. Discover all devices and their communication patterns. While firewalls can be used to segregate the networks, firewalls themselves can be vulnerable. Hence it suggested to use physical segregation (air gapping), if there is a need to transfer data between the networks, restrict the data IN/OUT points to minimum, monitor it continuously and ensure the data transfer must be one way and should preferably use data diodes. Continuous monitoring of east-west traffic of the payload within network segments are equally important, minimizing the spread of internal attacks

Originally published at on October 11, 2021.



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