IoT and OT infrastructure security | Holiday Advisory

Both IoT and OT security measures need to be strengthened and these steps should be deployed at the earliest:

  • Warn all employees to be aware of phishing attacks that may target their official accounts
  • Conduct cybersecurity drills to stress test responses to a cyberattack
  • Raise awareness among all employees on the need to be vigilant over the next few days
  • Run vulnerability scans on your infrastructure to see if any new vulnerabilities have emerged in the last few days that could be exploited
  • Go for a threat intelligence feed, if you can. This is advisable even if you have a IoT or OT cybersecurity solution deployed with the vendor providing a threat intelligence feed.
  • Opt for micro-segmentation to isolate parts of your infrastructure and to deploy granular policies
  • Publish an IoT/OT infrastructure cybersecurity policy, if you haven’t done so already (we have a template created for you that you can readily use. You can download it from here)
  • Conduct a cybersecurity self-assessment exercise using the framework we have developed to test your institutional cybersecurity preparedness level. The document can be accessed from here
  • In case you need to align your institutional practices against global standards and best practices, you can refer to our CISO handbook.



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